Maijir Bari

Maijir Bari was established in 1752 A.D and has the Shyamchand Radharani Mondir

It has preserved a tradition of nearly 300 years and even today festivals like Dol Purnima, Rath yatra, Jhulan Purnima, Annakot and Rash are celebrated every year involving the people of the region irrespective of caste , creed or religion.




In the 18th Century A.D the Mahatab Family ruled over Bardhaman with Ambika Kalna as its capital. The history dates back to the year 1752 A.D, during the reign of Maharaj Kirtichandra Mahatab. One day after a bath in the river Bhagirathi at Kalna the Rajmaata saw an old lady sitting and crying on the banks of the river. Out of curiosity Rajmaata asked the lady about her problem. The lady replied that she was a maithili widow out on pilgrimage, she had a daughter and no one else in her life, neither a place to settle down.

Rajmaata took her to the town and gave her a piece of land whereby stood an old temple ( the present pancharatna mandir at maijir bari, Kalna). The idol of Lalji was the official deity of the royal family. Rajmaata and the widow decided on an idol marriage between Radharani (daughter of Lalji) and Shyamchand (son adopted by the widow). The marraige took place and a temple was built, where the idols were established.

Later on Maharaj Kirtichandra Mahatab addressing the widow as 'Maiji' helped her to replace the shyamchand idol by an Ashtadhatu idol brought all the way from Vrindavan. Rigorous religious rites and rituals were performed to bring the deity from Vrindavan. The temple was further reconstructed into a typical Aatchali Mandir as found in the region along with a Chandni bari, Dol-moncho and a Rath. The place was named after Maiji as 'Maijir Bari'.

Maiji passed on the shebahit rights on to her son in Law Shri Jugalkishore Pandey. His son Badan Pandey died at a very young age. Shri Jugal Kishore Pandey had to remarry at an old age and his wife gave birth to a daughter. After the marriage of his daughter, the lady gave birth to a son who was later named as Shri Ishwar Chandra Jha. He was made the Shebahit. Shri Ishwar Chandra Jha did not have a son. In the year 1892 he got his daughter married to Shri Bardakanta Thakur, who was also an engineer by Profession working with the Archeological survey of India. Shri Baradakanto Thakur was given the shebahit rights. Thus the shebahit rights were passed on between several families for nearly two centuries.

Later on Shri Baradakanto Thakur's descendants went ahead to continue the work as the shebahit of shymchandji and radharani at Maijir Bari. During rash and Dol-purnima, the tradition of Shyamchandji and Radharani visiting Lalji Bari is maintained every year. Ratha Yatra is celebrated and on the Pratipad day after Kali puja, Annakot is performed and hundreds of devotees from all sections of the society irrespective of class , caste and religion come to eat shyamchandji's prashad.

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